From new food and décor trends, to floral updates, we have looked at what the wedding planners are predicting as the must have” trends in 2019. Drip cakes, greenery, dessert tables and wedding doughnuts were also some of the biggest trends for couples celebrating their big day. While we’re still obsessed with our wedding cake or alternative – doughnuts and macaroons, 2018 will see more brides going for a dessert table over the traditional last course.

And this is always a big indicator of what’s to come in wedding trends… Last year’s colour of the year was Greenery and we saw an influx of brides opting for green decor within tablescapes, installations and bouquets. From floral updates (in fashion and flora), to new food and décor trends, here’s what 2019 will bring in wedding newness.

We truly believe that ‘style is timeless’ and always remember trends come and go. Your wedding should be about you both and your unique love story, not conforming to the latest trends and wedding seasonal ‘must-haves’. Another trend that is separating today’s weddings from those of our parents is mixing up the bridal party. With the summer season shinning on all of us, new wedding trends are surfacing; some might sound a little weird at first but might just be the twist your big day needs to help your guests have an added-layer of fun at your reception or ceremony.

“Personalization has made its way into every aspect of weddings, as couples proudly show their unique personalities and styles throughout the food, entertainment, escort cards and florals,” says Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor in chief of The Knot. They also give brides a chance to don another big trend for weddings in 2019 — the high-low hemline — without having to stick to one rigid look.

For country house weddings, directions will always be a welcome addition for guests who find themselves winding their way around stables and gatehouses en route to the barn (or similar) for the ceremony, while couples who have gone to the effort of creating a special hashtag to make sure they see all the snaps from their big day across social media can directly inform guests of their marital tag with ease.

From vegan wedding cakes to hanging floral installations, and ring-bearing pets to handfasting ceremonies in spectacular settings, there’s something for every type of couple in ‘s run down of the best Irish wedding trends for 2019. It’s very much ‘vibe over theme’ for couples when it comes to wedding planning in 2019, with the ‘feel of the day’ dictating decor, food, venue and fashion choices, rather than rigid colour palettes and ideas that might have set the tone before. Try your best to strike a balance between trends that reflect your personality and traditional elements to keep everything ‘grounded’ and timeless.” You can find out more about our guest contributor, Sue White, visit the White Wedding and Events Company Yorkshire website here.

Today’s brides are all about extremes, with vegan wedding food up 186% in searches, topped only by… pretzel bars (up 343%). Online marketplace eBay is already reporting a Meghan effect”: a 47 percent jump in searches related to the royal bride, and five times more Meghan-related searches in the U.S. than in the U.K. Here are six takeaway trends from the Sussex wedding that don’t require a Windsor-level budget. For more inspiration, check out these sweet wedding cake trends for 2018 !

Stepping away from the recent wildflower bouquet trends, 2019 promises to see an abundance of Dogwood bridal bouquets and other overgrown,” yet uncomplicated floral bouquets. Wedding planning pros are seeing a lot of couples stray from the traditional crystal chandeliers take center stage at their reception and rather, bringing in natural, hanging floral elements to create a romantic feel.

Wedding decor exports do not see this trend going anywhere anytime soon and when combined with the color trend above — WOW! The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet and while it may take a few months for that to catch on, this is where wedding trends are leaning.

Then again, if you love these trends and want to have them as part of your wedding day, who cares what anyone else thinks? To find out what couples should avoid in 2019, spoke to wedding planners to learn what they believe are the most overdone wedding trends: Some brides are choosing to wear a nontraditional dress that adds a pop of color to their wedding.