One of the hottest trends is GOLD… we love everything that sparkels anyway and now it is part of your wedding BIG STYLE!

Have you seen the amazing glittering golden bridesmaids dresses?! Rather than taking the attention away from you they are like dazzling lights making for the most amazing pictures.

You can find the perfect rose gold jewelry, rose gold engagement rings and bands, cute gift ideas for your guests or bridesmaids, stylish and trendy rose gold bridesmaid dresses, or you can include rose gold decor in your wedding!

Rose gold wedding rings have recently become one of the most popular styles with people falling in love with the unique trend. Metallic colours such as gold and rose gold are still very on-trend as are geometric and abstract designs, bringing the traditional wedding cake into the modern world. It’s been a fun year of variety – trends of food trucks and minimalism, drip cakes and greenery, and now we look to see what new direction we’ll be headed in for 2018 weddings.

Metallic wedding cakes were trending last year and people’s love for the style is still going strong into 2018 and probably beyond. From floral updates to new photography styles, cake and décor trends – 2018 will bring in plenty of wedding innovation. We spoke to wedding planner La Fete about the key theme and colour scheme trends for 2018 weddings.