Our Mission

Helping you to organise the perfect wedding day and make it special for those that support you. Giving something back to your bridesmaids and bridal party who have laughed and cried to make this day just right.

Our Approach

Sourcing the latest trends as well as timeless classics to suit any wedding style and offering easy ways to find matching colours for your bridesmaids outfits as well as unique packaging and card to complete the bridesmaids favour.

Our Stories

We found planning a wedding incredibly stressful and there are so many things to do and organise and our rocks were those amazing girls, the bridesmaids. But finding them some great treats that are classy and can be worn again wasn’t easy and this is how Top Bridesmaids Gifts started.

Our Philosophy

Giving your amazing bridesmaids another reason to smile brighter on your wedding day and helping you find the perfect bridesmaids gifts in on place.

Find the Perfect Bridesmaids Gifts

Give a special thank you back to your bridesmaids with our unique jewelry, hair accessories and stationary to surprise and delight them.